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NEW Release!!!

We’re proud to announce the release of ConLite 2.0.2 This is just an update-release for older Contenido 4.8 or ConLite 1.0 with an unready demo client.
Just visit our Downloadcenter, download as zip- or 7zip-archive, try it out and give us some feedback.
Please read the file README_.txt first after unzipping the archive, there may be some hints for upgrading from further versions to ConLite 2.0.2.

If you have any questions please visit our ConLite-Forum.

IDSummaryCategoryTask TypeSeverityStatusProgress
29Category tree in article list - no refresh after changi...BackendBug ReportLowResearching
Task Description

For some versions back, the category list is not updated when e.g. changing the status of the start article into “non start article” - icon in the category tree should change to red. Same thing when you delete all articles in a branch - no changes left.
Correct behaviour is shown in the file system - as soon as the last file is taken out of a branch/folder, it changes to red and you can delete it.

17Add Modulrepository to modul area in backendModuleFeature RequestLowNew
Task Description

Adding a Modulrepo part to BE. There are different startpoints to do that, so we have to discuss how we wanna do it. We may use just local repos or we can use one central repo.

So if you have any ideas around adding a modul repo, please add them as comment.

14Remove PEAR libraryCoreRecodingLowAssigned
Task Description

Remove PEAR library after building needed classes in the Core (was: Update PEAR files and remove all Con-related code if possible).

7Recoding of cHTML classesCoreBug ReportMediumAssigned
Task Description

cHTML have to be restructured to meet OOP in PHP 5.3 and above using E_STRICT error mode.
Also some work todo with infile docu. Maybe it’s a good idea to update PEAR also.

6Infile Documentation for phpDoc and APIDocumentationOptimizationHighNew
Task Description

Add/enhance missing infile docu always if your working with or at core files.

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