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NEW Release!!!

We’re proud to announce the release of ConLite 2.0.2 This is just an update-release for older Contenido 4.8 or ConLite 1.0 with an unready demo client.
Just visit our Downloadcenter, download as zip- or 7zip-archive, try it out and give us some feedback.
Please read the file README_.txt first after unzipping the archive, there may be some hints for upgrading from further versions to ConLite 2.0.2.

If you have any questions please visit our ConLite-Forum.

IDSummaryCategoryTask TypeSeverityStatusProgress
194Ghost CategoriesCoreBug ReportCriticalRequires testing
Task Description

ConLite will still produce this ghost categories. Reproduce this bug by deleting a second language which has categories that are not or no more in the other category. Table cl_cat_tree will not cleaned up proper. One has to check the whole generation procedure for cl_cat_tree and all areas which create or edit categories. (see screenshot)

193Release: Cleanup of all foldersBackendBug ReportLowNew
Task Description

Check all folders and remove dev stuff from folders or folders with sources

192Update version stuff for release 2.0.3DocumentationOptimizationLowAssigned
Task Description


191Update Readme for ReleaseDocumentationOptimizationLowAssigned
Task Description

Update Readme for release 2.0.3

190Stats: Error while making an entryCoreBug ReportLowNew
Task Description

The following DB-Error occured

[12-Aug-2018 15:43:27 Europe/Berlin] ConLite DB error: 1406 (Data too long for column 'visitdate' at row 1) - info: /cl21x/conlite/main.php?area=mycontenido&frame=4&contenido=6e1631fd7125aa77c779ee3b9969fe67 INSERT INTO
                          ( idstatarch, archived, idcatart, idlang, idclient, visited, visitdate)
                           '2018-07-22 20:24:50')

PHP 7.0 / MariaDB 5.5

189DBDriver: Add switch to use another mode if mysql is in...CoreEnhancementMediumNew
Task Description

We need to add a check and a switchable function to change mysql-mode if the server is running in strict mode.


  • add test for mode
  • add switch and maybe a conf for mode
  • Give user an info in Backend if switch is used, maybe under system

see Changing MySQL mode per session

183frontenduser cronjob set users offlineBackendBug ReportMediumAssigned
Task Description

If you update an older 4.8.x to CL 2.0 using a newer MySQL-version, you may encounter problems with automatic disactivation of frontendusers. The reason is the datetime entry of feusers with newer db-clients, that will not correct recognized.
We have to check the whole feature of timemanagement and rebuild it to work with new db-versions.

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