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NEW Release!!!

We’re proud to announce the release of ConLite 2.0.2 This is just an update-release for older Contenido 4.8 or ConLite 1.0 with an unready demo client.
Just visit our Downloadcenter, download as zip- or 7zip-archive, try it out and give us some feedback.
Please read the file README_.txt first after unzipping the archive, there may be some hints for upgrading from further versions to ConLite 2.0.2.

If you have any questions please visit our ConLite-Forum.

IDSummaryCategoryTask TypeSeverityStatusProgress
194Ghost CategoriesCoreBug ReportCriticalRequires testing
Task Description

ConLite will still produce this ghost categories. Reproduce this bug by deleting a second language which has categories that are not or no more in the other category. Table cl_cat_tree will not cleaned up proper. One has to check the whole generation procedure for cl_cat_tree and all areas which create or edit categories. (see screenshot)

190Stats: Error while making an entryCoreBug ReportLowNew
Task Description

The following DB-Error occured

[12-Aug-2018 15:43:27 Europe/Berlin] ConLite DB error: 1406 (Data too long for column 'visitdate' at row 1) - info: /cl21x/conlite/main.php?area=mycontenido&frame=4&contenido=6e1631fd7125aa77c779ee3b9969fe67 INSERT INTO
                          ( idstatarch, archived, idcatart, idlang, idclient, visited, visitdate)
                           '2018-07-22 20:24:50')

PHP 7.0 / MariaDB 5.5

189DBDriver: Add switch to use another mode if mysql is in...CoreEnhancementMediumNew
Task Description

We need to add a check and a switchable function to change mysql-mode if the server is running in strict mode.


  • add test for mode
  • add switch and maybe a conf for mode
  • Give user an info in Backend if switch is used, maybe under system

see Changing MySQL mode per session

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