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Welcome to the Bugtracker for ConLite ::: Willkommen beim Bugtracker zu ConLite

NEW Release!!!

We’re proud to announce the release of ConLite 2.0.2 This is just an update-release for older Contenido 4.8 or ConLite 1.0 with an unready demo client.
Just visit our Downloadcenter, download as zip- or 7zip-archive, try it out and give us some feedback.
Please read the file README_.txt first after unzipping the archive, there may be some hints for upgrading from further versions to ConLite 2.0.2.

If you have any questions please visit our ConLite-Forum.

IDSummaryCategoryTask TypeSeverityStatusProgress
179Rights-Management: Im- and Export of User and Group rig...BackendEnhancementMediumNew
Task Description

Add an area to im- and export user and group rights.

see contenido forum Frage zur Rechten bei Artikelversionierung

121Neues SessionmanagementCoreRecodingMediumNew
Task Description

Entwicklung eines neuen Sessionmanagements auf Basis der vorhandenen ConLib. Zu beachten ist dabei auch die Verknüpfung anderer Funktionen, so z.B. der InUse-Funktionen.

102Remove external LibsCoreFeature RequestLowAssigned
Task Description

Removal of private/external PHP function or class libraries. CL should provide its own functions and classes, licensed under GPL or LGPL.

83Migrate table mod_history to file systemSetupOptimizationLowNew
Task Description

For now the table mod_history is leaved as is and not migrated to filesystem. Add a step to setup where this is done and unused db-table is removed after successfull migration.

68Recoding and/or creation of cApi classesCoreRecodingLowAssigned
Task Description

Please add all done classes in list Check all db-table related classes and move or create if not exists as cApi-class using genericdb. Also port to PHP5 if needed. Move all new classes to a new cApi-folder in class-folder. Merge classes if possible.

List of classes to check:

  • class.activeusers.php
  • class.client.php
  • contenido/class.client.php be continued

List of already done classes (add classname when ready):

51Behaviour in has to be check...FrontendRecodingLowNew
Task Description

The behaviour if a login error occurs or if the return-param is set should be reconsidered. For example if you use the login_error_page client-setting there is no information after redirect where we come from, so how can we check for wrong login or redirections? Also i miss a custom login form or a solution for multiple loginform usage within the same client.

46Remove mainframe in backend (experimental)BackendFeature RequestVery LowResearching
Task Description

Some people told me that it will be a good idea if there is a possibilty to use a deeplink in backend. Due to the nested frameset there was no easy way to do. Contenido itself uses a javascript construct to change multiple frames in BE.

So we will try to enhance the lower mainframeset with it’s 4 frames to only one, using div-areas instead of the frames. This has to be done in a parallel way to existing backend so we can change it area by area.

More planing for this new feature has to be done for further versions.

 28  TinyMCE changes path names when copying images - path p ...BackendBug ReportLowClosed
Task Description

For some releases now, TinyMCE does some odd replacement:
When copying an image within Tiny, the path changes from
- upload/header_images/something.png to
- ../../cms/upload/header_images/something.png

Normally this is not a problem, but in my migration it is. I guess it comes from the fact that my migrated version has a longer path like ... with that the odd path version IS able to jump back 2 steps, whilst on standard systems it is not, and as a result leading back to the correct path (just a guess).
However, after migrating, those odd paths are being changed again to:
- (!)
and nothing is displayed, images are crashed of course.

 26  TinyMCE: media button still not working BackendBug ReportCriticalClosed
Task Description

Media button wasn’t working in older versions either - no flash based media files were shown.
Last working TinyMCE is the 4.8.11 one, which I replaced in all later versions.
Problem described at

HTML source code stays more or less the same after migrating, BUT nothing is displayed, neither in Tiny nor in frontend.

Example code:
<object height=”264” width=”395” data=”../../cms/upload/video/mediaplayer.swf” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash”>
<param name=”flashvars” value=”flashvars=’width=395&amp;height=264&amp;bufferlength=20&amp;image=upload/video/video.jpg&amp;file=trailer_uk.flv” />
<param name=”src” value=”../../cms/upload/video/mediaplayer.swf” />

7Recoding of cHTML classesCoreBug ReportMediumAssigned
Task Description

cHTML have to be restructured to meet OOP in PHP 5.3 and above using E_STRICT error mode.
Also some work todo with infile docu. Maybe it’s a good idea to update PEAR also.

6Infile Documentation for phpDoc and APIDocumentationOptimizationHighNew
Task Description

Add/enhance missing infile docu always if your working with or at core files.

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