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NEW Release!!!

We’re proud to announce the release of ConLite 2.0.2 This is just an update-release for older Contenido 4.8 or ConLite 1.0 with an unready demo client.
Just visit our Downloadcenter, download as zip- or 7zip-archive, try it out and give us some feedback.
Please read the file README_.txt first after unzipping the archive, there may be some hints for upgrading from further versions to ConLite 2.0.2.

If you have any questions please visit our ConLite-Forum.

ID  descSummaryCategoryTask TypeSeverityStatusProgress
177Setup Migration: Client path string correction not work...SetupBug ReportMediumNew
Task Description

If you use the setup type migration differences between real client path and path in db has to be shown and corrected. That behavior is not working. Just try a migration with total different path and you will see bug in text-fields with new path.
Fix that to show correct new path in text field.

176AMR: Routing not workingPlugins / ChainsBug ReportLowNew
Task Description

Routing of URL using AMR-Plugin not working. See topic in forum.

175Plugins: AMR not working with redirectsPlugins / ChainsBug ReportMediumNew
Task Description

I’ ve got a feedback from a customer that AMR in 4.8.20 under PHP 5.6 using redirects defined in Backend-Area is not working.

See forum → External Link

162AMR: use conlite instead of contenido in htaccess templ...Plugins / ChainsBug ReportLowNew
Task Description

There are still rules for contenido in this files. Fix it to fit conlite path and folders before release of 2.0.0

158Add plugin classes to autoloaderPlugins / ChainsOptimizationLowNew
Task Description

In the moment classes in pluginfolder have to be loaded using function plugin_include. Add autoload-config to all plugins to autoload classes if plugin is active/installed.

145AMR: htaccess not workingPlugins / ChainsBug ReportLowAssigned
Task Description

Due to changing the backend foldername the htaccess file of AMR-plugin is out of date. Add new backend folder for conlite and set old path as deprecated.
Add some docs to htaccess and also to AMR-plugins info and htaccess page.
Check all other apperances of contenido path for AMR-plugin.

143Check and recode releasetoolCoreEnhancementMediumAssigned
Task Description

For further releases we need the releasetool for easy getting DB-Data. Check, and recode if needed, the existing tool. DB must be cleaned up and ALL needed entries pushed to file system. Try to use generated files with setup.

141SQL-Error: Data truncated for column 'visited'CoreBug ReportMediumAssigned
Task Description

Got the following error while testing ConLite with PHP 5.6 and MySQL 5.5.5

[05-May-2015 11:58:20 UTC]  error: 1265 (Data truncated for column 'visited' at row 1) - info: /ConLite/conlite/main.php?area=client&frame=1&contenido=cef3c97414c53bf7fe3f292d2cdac331 INSERT INTO
                          ( idstat, idcatart, idlang, idclient, visited )
                      VALUES (
                          '0000-00-00 00:00:00')

Error based on wrong field value in cl db for field visited (varchar(14)).
Change field type to datetime, write api class for db-table and change all calls to use the api class.

18HTML5/CSS3 Demo ClientFrontendFeature RequestMediumAssigned
Task Description

Redesign of Democlient using HTML5 and CSS3. All parts have to be valide (


  • need an easy, timeless design
  • wanna show usage of all CMS-Typs
  • show in action and give a little documentation of all used modules
  • use jQuery for javascript parts
  • use a framework as startpoint
2PluginmanagerPlugins / ChainsFeature RequestMediumAssigned
Task Description

Add a pluginmanager and some kind of xml-configuration for plugins.
Start with a folder based version, no zip-file manager like Contenido expected to do.

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