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angelegt von Anonymer Reporter - 17.01.2013
zuletzt bearbeitet von Ortwin Pinke - 18.01.2013

FS#98 - Problems while connected to a second database

If, in a module, you connect to an external database, all modules after that one in the template won’t work.
The configuration for those following modules says “-unnamed module-”.
If you close the connection to the external database in the module, the following modules work as they should.

If you have the module with the external database connection more than once in the template, directly following eachother, then each second one won’t connect to that database even if you use different variables for the connection, but only in the backend (configuration).
In the frontend everything works as it should even with the same variable for the external database connection, but only while closing the connection in the module (every instance).

Why does ConLite try to get the module information over the last opened database connection instead of using it’s own connection $db?

Attached is a module for showing a Modified Shopsoftware article in ConLite for testing.

Project Manager
Ortwin Pinke schrieb am 18.01.2013 15:53

I have to check db-behaviour.


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