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angelegt von Markus Hübner - 20.07.2012
zuletzt bearbeitet von Ortwin Pinke - 27.11.2012

FS#60 - AMR: Error while deleting categories

If you first install the sample client and tidy it up for making up your own website, you first delete all articles and then the not further used categories. So I first throwed out all articles in (sub)categories of the tree “hauptnavigation”. Then I went on deleting those (sub)categories. After that, only “Hauptnavigation” was left and I decided to remove the assigned template and rename it to “Startseite”. After saving, there appeared this errormessage:

Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /var/www/web244/html/2/contenido/plugins/mod_rewrite/includes/functions.mod_rewrite.php on line 130

Markus Hübner schrieb am 20.07.2012 16:20

Sorry, I forgot to write that this error is not a "fatal one". If you click again on "Übersicht" or "Kategorien", the category-trees are still there and even the renaming and removing of the template was successful.

Markus Hübner schrieb am 20.07.2012 16:30

Okay, there is a problem. If you toggle to the articles section, the button for creating a new article is missing... Reason: the missing assignment of a template. If you assign one, the "create new article"-button is there again.

So I removed the template for "Startseite" another time and added a subcategory. It got the template "standard" automatically and you could create an article. If you remove the template, it is again not possible because of the missing button. It is also not enough to assign a template for "Startseite" - and leave it unassigned in subcategory. For Startseite you can create an article, but not for subcategory.

Conclusion: Is there a reason that you can leave a category or tree clear of a template? It seems to be absolutely mandatory.

Project Manager
Ortwin Pinke schrieb am 24.07.2012 09:23

This behaviour is old-old-old. We should think about the behaviour for one of the next versions. Maybe it's a good idea to collect these items for each area.

Btw, this AMR error has to be fixed, but normaly i start with an empty client for a new site. I only use the modules sometimes.

Project Manager
Ortwin Pinke schrieb am 27.11.2012 14:51

I have to investigate this bug a little more, so it will be fixed in 2.1 and not for 2.0. It's not essential.


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