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angelegt von Ortwin Pinke - 01.06.2012
zuletzt bearbeitet von Ortwin Pinke - 20.01.2014

FS#45 - German-Umlauts in de.po are wrong or misspelled

There are some umlauts not replaced with their HTML-pendant. Also some are misspelled. Check whole german po file and also add missing translateble strings in core.

geschlossen von  Ortwin Pinke
20.01.2014 14:37
Grund für das Schließen:  Fixed
Project Manager
Ortwin Pinke schrieb am 11.10.2012 07:25

Moved all stuff to UTF-8. Setup area done. Will do same for contenido area if i will do localization stuff there.

Anonymer Reporter schrieb am 17.12.2012 10:45

Corrected the files contenido.po, and lang_de_DE.xml: all texts are checked and ready-converted to using HTML codes.

Project Manager
Ortwin Pinke schrieb am 19.12.2012 07:08

We better don't use HTML within po files. This is not usable because i don't know a software with a build in function to do this. We have to overthink all encoding stuff in conlite and find another solution to fix that.

Also we better don't translate po-files directly, please use PoEdit instead, filled with correct header (Conf). We have to build a pot-file for every locale area, so further translators will have a starting point.

Anonymer Reporter schrieb am 19.12.2012 07:46

There is no HTML in the .po file, just the HTML codes of characters (like ü), you should read more carefully.
And I did use PoEdit for that, opened the contenido.po, edited it, and saved both the .po and .mo versions.
These files don't make problems anymore, same as the lang_de_DE.xml file, but now I need to find the backend navigation menu texts.


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