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angelegt von Ortwin Pinke - 24.03.2016
zuletzt bearbeitet von Ortwin Pinke - 06.07.2017

FS#163 - Switch Code-Editor for the Backend

We need to remove EditArea from Core. There are no new versions since over 6 years for it.

So the question is, which actual js-based editor we should use. Con 4.9 uses Codemirror. But i think it’ s also a good idea to use Ace.

Maybe we can also enhance editing by giving the user the possibility to choose among different editors an make editable areas switchable between editors.

So please let me know your thoughts about. Maybe this article could help you to find a decision - CodeMirror vs Ace Editor

Project Manager
Ortwin Pinke schrieb am 05.04.2016 14:06

Somebody still using Ace? Any hints for integration?


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