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angelegt von Dev One - 04.04.2012
zuletzt bearbeitet von Anonymer Reporter - 15.11.2012

FS#12 - Recode template class

Rewrite function replacei18n so we can use php-tags around i18n entry in template. PoEdit needs tags to recognize translationstring. Rewrite whole template class, porting it to PHP5 and extend it with multiple blocks.

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21 ConLite  FS#21 - Implement class.ExtendedTemplate.php  verschoben niedrig
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15.11.2012 15:00
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Only i18n() inside php-tags is executed, all other php-code is left alone.

Project Manager
Ortwin Pinke schrieb am 04.04.2012 07:45

We will add also a counter for loops so one can take several loops in same template. Maybe that still existing class in forum will help. If you find the file or forumthread please add the file/link.


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